Nassau County Executive Flaunts New Property Tax Hike

Blog October 11, 2015 By Admin

Nassau County property taxes could go up again next year. What can you do about it?


The proposed county budget for 2016 calls for yet another year of property tax increases for local homeowners and businesses. Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano is hoping for a boost of an extra 1.2% to bring in millions of additional revenues.


This is slightly less than last year’s tax increase, but this time not everyone is on board. According to coverage by Long Island Newsday law makers from both political parties say they will vote against the proposal. But that doesn’t mean it won’t pass.


The new tax hike for Nassau County is just the latest in moves which are sure to put the final nail in the coffin of hope in the system, if anyone still had any. On one hand we have promises of a tax ‘freeze’ and teaser property tax rebate checks that can’t seem to make it into the mail. On the other are constantly rising taxes which could be set to drop a big hammer on property owners who have counted on a break. At best it seems a wash.


Just last week we reported on the call of a Nassau County tax receiver who urged local property owners to challenge property tax assessments. In September 2015 it was revealed that many NY homes have been losing value, which should suggest a tax break, not rise.


So why the hike? According to statements by Mangano last year, these hikes are meant to make up for economic challenges. Yet, many would point to high taxes as being the biggest challenge to economic growth, and even generating more tax revenues.


The bottom line is that it is still up to individual Long Islanders and Nassau County property owners to fight for justice when it comes to taxes. For most the best way to tackle this is still challenging tax assessments and property tax bills with the assistance of a local property tax adjuster.