Suffolk County
  1. Apply Online with our quick Online Application.
  2. Our team will carefully review your property and assess whether you are eligible for a reduction based on your property’s tax assessment and recent comparable home sales.
  3. If we believe you are a good candidate, we will file a tax grievance on your behalf with your Town during the Suffolk County filing period. This period occurs annually between May 1 and the third Tuesday of May.
  4. Across the board in Suffolk County, the Complaints are denied and from July through September, depending on when your Town completes its assessment roll, we will file an appeal on your behalf.
  5. After that, the Suffolk County Supreme Court will schedule a hearing between our office and your Town. A Court Decision will be made within 30 days of the hearing.
  6. Once we receive a Decision, our office will send you an award letter and invoice outlining your tax savings.
  7. If your case is resolved before you have to pay your second half tax bill, your town may adjust your bill to reflect the assessment reduction and  may capture your entire year’s savings.
  8. However, for homeowners who have already paid their second half taxes for the year, the Suffolk County Comptroller’s Office will issue a refund check for any overpayment. Our office will monitor the status of your refund check.
  9. If we are unable to secure a reduction for you, then there is no cost to you.

Best Property Tax Reduction Services In Long Island

Not only does Suffolk County, NY have some of the highest annual property taxes in the country, but it is estimated that around half of all property tax bills sent out each year are incorrect, and often extremely over-inflated.

STOP overpaying on your property taxes now!

Whether you are just buying a new property, have owned your home or business property for years, or have even failed at appealing and getting a property tax refund in the past, we can help.

Use our expert property tax reduction services with no risk, and start saving every year.

Call now and request your FREE EVALUATION to find out how much you could be saving.

How To Lower Property Taxes In Long Island? +
Utilize our professional service to file a property tax grievance in Suffolk County.
When Is The Tax Grievance Deadline In Suffolk County? +
The deadline for filing a tax grievance in Suffolk County is the Third Tuesday of May each year.
How Much Does It Cost To Grieve Taxes? +
You pay nothing upfront with our Long Island Property Tax Reduction Services. No reduction = no fees.
Why Are Property Taxes So High on Long Island? +
Property taxes on Long Island are among the highest in the country, not only due to high property values, but as a result of regular annual budgeting, voting tax rates on spending, as well as frequent errors leading to extremely inflated bills.
What Should I Look For In the Best Property Tax Reduction Services in Suffolk County? +
Experience, a successful track record of reductions, specializing in your county, and no upfront fees or costs, unless your tax bill is reduced.
How will I see the reduction in my taxes? +
It depends on when our office and your town is scheduled by the court system for a hearing date. If your Hearing date is scheduled before the second half tax bill is paid, then the assessment reduction could be adjusted on your second half tax bill. If your Hearing date is scheduled after your second half tax bill is paid, a refund check of overpayment will be issued from the Suffolk County Comptroller’s Office. We do all the legwork and check in regularly with the Suffolk county comptrollers office to inquire of the status of your refund check.
How does your office get paid? +
We work strictly on a contingency basis. No reduction = No Fee. If your hearing date takes place before the second half tax bill is paid and the town adjusted your second half tax bill with the reduction, then our office will send you an award letter & invoice of the total tax savings. If your hearing date is after your second half tax bill is paid, a refund check of overpayment will be issued from the Suffolk county comptroller’s office. Our office will prepare an award letter & invoice outlining your total tax savings after we receive your decision of hearing officer minus any exemptions you achieve on your own.
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