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Start Saving Thousands On Your Property Tax Bill Now

Apply Online or Call Us Now, and start saving thousands of dollars each year, with the Best Property Tax Reduction Services in Long Island…
  • Apply Online or Call Us Now, and start saving thousands of dollars each year, with the Best Property Tax Reduction Services in Long Island…
    Big Savings Are Just A Click Away
    Big Savings Are Just A Click Away

    We’re the top choice for Long Island Property Tax Reduction Services

    • We’ve been helping property owners like you slash their tax bills for 32 years
    • Get a free evaluation for home much you can save each year
    • You’ve got nothing to lose, we earn zero, unless we get your taxes reduced
    • Keep, hundreds, thousands, and more in your pocket each year
    How It Works!
    • 1 Apply Online using our Online Application.
    • 2 We file a Property Tax Grievance on your behalf and do all of the work!
    • 3 You enjoy property tax savings and more free cash in your pocket.
    • 4 No Reduction = No Fees!
    How It Works!
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    • We use Property Tax Adjusters every year. We highly recommend them. They are kind, great, efficient & resourceful. Always exceeded our expectations.
      Frank & Nicole
      + $5,379.18
    • Marsha & Elyse have been wonderful to work with. We have found success in decreasing our taxes while they do all the work. I highly recommend Marsha Held and Elyse Sachs of Pro...
      + $ 2,189.72
    • Property Tax Adjusters are the best in the business. They are prompt and professional. They work hard to save you money.
      + $8,603.29
    • Excellent service from Property Tax Adjusters, thank you.
      + $ 3,607.04
    • We filed 3 times in the past with 3 different firms. We filed with Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. and we were granted the reduction! I 1,000 % recommend using this firm.
      + $ 4,162.54
    • We have trusted PTA for over 30 years, you've both passed the toughest test... the test of time. Our Real Estate roots go back over 74 years and we remain BIG FANS of you both!
      Richard & Judy
      + $ 3,936.50
    • We have been using the services of Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. (PTA) for several years now to grieve property taxes for our home. Consistently each year, PTA has successfully been...
      Vincent & Luisa
      + $ 2,882.34
    • Reliable and consistent results! Takes the headache out of lowering tax assessment!
      + $ 3,397.82
    • I haven been using Property Tax Adjuster, Ltd. for many years. They are professional, helpful, and most importantly, have done a stupendous job lowering our taxes!
      + $ 3,241.18
    • I have used Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. for well over 10 years. They have saved me thousands & thousands of dollars during that time. Their work is extremely professional and ...
      + $ 2,620.83
    • We have been using Property Tax Adjusters for 30 years. They are very professional and always get us the best results.
      + $ 2,540.34
    • We wouldn't think of using anyone other than Property Tax Adjusters to grieve our taxes on Long Island. Since we have known both Elyse and Marsha, we've come to learn their expert...
      + $ 2,443.79
    How To Lower Property Taxes In Long Island? +
    Utilize our professional service to file a property tax grievance in Nassau or Suffolk County.
    How Are Taxes Calculated In Long Island? +
    Property taxes on Long Island are calculated by taking your tax assessed value and multiplying it by the School & General tax rates.
    How Much Does It Cost To Grieve Taxes? +
    You pay nothing upfront with our Long Island Property Tax Reduction Services. No reduction = no fees.
    Why Are Property Taxes So High In Long Island? +
    Property taxes on Long Island are among the highest in the country, not only due to high property values, but as a result of regular annual budgeting, voting tax rates on spending, as well as frequent errors leading to extremely inflated bills.
    What Should I Look For In A Property Tax Reduction Service? +
    Experience, a successful track record of reductions, specializing in your county, and no upfront fees or costs, unless your tax bill is reduced.
    Why Us
    Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. is considered the Best of Property Tax Reduction Companies on Long Island for a variety of reasons. We’ve been helping countless homeowners and business owners with their property tax reductions for over 32 years. Our principals Marsha and Elyse bring over 50 years of real estate and legal experience to represent you in fighting for fair bills, and substantial savings. Our office has saved thousands of Long Island Homeowners millions of dollars on their property tax bills for the past 32 years.
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