Is The 4 Day School Week The Key To Lower Property Taxes And Better Education?

Blog April 6, 2023 By Admin

Is the new four day school week just what is needed to both improve education, society, and lower your property taxes, all at the same time?

At least 1,600 school districts are now reportedly switching to a shorter four day school week. The benefits are certainly backed up by an enormous amount of data, study, and experiments around the world, over decades. 

Not only may it be better for students, but communities, and taxes too. 


The 4 Day Week

The four day work week has fast been becoming the norm around the world. Many years ago German workers in one major industry won the right to not have to work more than 28 hours a week. Iceland has shifted the bulk of its population to a much shorter work week. Finding increases in productivity and happiness at the same time. 

If the point of school is to train children for the workforce, then shouldn’t they be training for the four day work week in practice as well?

The data shows that this is going to be much better for teachers and others working in the school system. Meaning they will be fresher, less burned out, and more effective when they are actively engaging in educating. 

With the new world of remote work, this is now more feasible than ever. Even for families that have already switched to homeschooling. 

There are enormous savings as well. Not only in school clothes, but in pollution, and transport costs and utilities. It immediately slashes 20% of costs. 

Happier, more productive kids and educators, are also better members of local communities and society. Potentially reducing crime and other costs associated with public services, and paid for through local annual property taxes. 


4 Hour School Day

Not only is a shorter week valuable, but so is a shorter day. 

We really only have four hours of truly effective and great work in us each day. The rest is mostly wasted. 

Why shouldn’t we be teaching this, and giving it to our next generation as well?

Actual time spent learning is probably half of the time spent in school and commuting, at best. 

The rest of this time could be spent in much healthier habits out of school. To really learn and by doing. Whether that is volunteering, planting, geography, outdoor sports and activities,and fueling their individuals passions and talents.

This shift could cut school costs in half. 


Cut Property Taxes By More Than 50% 

When you consider the potential for cutting down the school day to four hours a day, and just four days a week, there could be savings of 20% to 70%. 

Considering that school taxes make up the bulk of property taxes, those are massive savings that could be passed on to local small business and home owners. 


What If Your School District Isn’t Offering It Yet?

You can still vote for policies, show up to local meetings, and try to influence policies like these. In the meantime you can still grieve your annual property tax bills and get them lowered, even if your school district isn’t adopting these practices.