This Week’s Top Long Island Property Tax News Headlines

Blog October 18, 2015 By Admin

What’s going on with Long Island’s property taxes now?


Long Island’s disparity in property taxes seems only set to grow ahead as tax hikes loom, and more are urged to challenge their tax assessments…


NIFA Threatens Job Cuts to Force Budget change


A Nassau County oversight board is threatening to stop hiring, and will institute cuts across all departments if the 2016 budget doesn’t curb spending and increase revenues.


Drug Prices Risk Lives, Hike Property Taxes


With some emergency lifesaving drug prices tripling since last year, property taxes could be pushed up further. While the FTC is being asked to look into potential illegal drug price hikes, and profiteering local communities around the country may have to choose between saving lives and higher taxes in order to pay the ransom being demanded by drug companies like Amphastar Pharmaceuticals.


Office Hours Extended to File Tax Exemptions


Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano says the Department of Assessment hours will be extended to 7pm on Tuesdays from November 10th to December 29th to facilitate more Long Island homeowners claiming property tax exemptions.


New Nassau County Property Tax Hike Proposed


In other news Mangano proposes yet another property tax hike for Nassau County property owners to bring in millions more for the county coffers. Others encourage property owners to challenge their already overblown property tax assessments.



Pressure from multiple directions seems to be sure to keep pushing property tax rates up. Those that don’t get the help they are eligible for will continue to pay an unfair and far higher rate than their neighbors. Get help challenging and reducing your Long Island property tax bills with the help of Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd.