Nassau County Tax Receiver Reminds Residents To Challenge Assessments

Blog October 4, 2015 By Admin

When the ‘tax man’ recommends homeowners challenge their property tax bills it’s probably time to pay attention, and grab the opportunity!


Via Newsday, Nassau County Receiver of Taxes in Hempstead, Kate Murray reminds residents that they can challenge their tax assessments. Authorities have estimated almost half of New Yorkers may be eligible for savings each year.


Tax Rebate Checks


It was hoped that the state’s property tax rebate checks would begin going out this month. However, given official comments via it appears it could be well into next year before those that qualify find any help in the mailbox. Last year tax payers were still waiting for rebate checks at the end of February. Average rebate checks in 2015 are expected to range between $200 and $580. This is barely pennies in the tax bucket for most Long Islanders. But even if you are in line to get a check, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a far better deal on your property taxes by challenging your assessment and bill.


Everyone Should Vet Their Tax Bill


The wealthy love New York property because they can pay a lot less in taxes than elsewhere. Yet, whatever percentage you pay on a $10M residence it is still a significant sum. But as this graphic from The Economist reveals the biggest real estate tax burden in New York continues to be on those with more modestly valued homes.


The bottom line is that whatever end of the scale you are on, it is only smart to challenge your tax assessment and bill, and stop overpaying. If you aren’t sure where to start Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. can help…