Suffolk County Could Carry Bulk Of Island’s Property Tax Burden

Blog April 17, 2014 By Admin

Suffolk County homeowners could wind up with some of the largest property taxes increases in the year ahead due to piercing caps. Meanwhile thousands have still left benefits unclaimed, or are unaware of the help available to reduce their property tax burdens.


Last week Long Island Newsday coverage proclaimed “all 56 public school districts in Nassau County planned to stay within tax caps.” The same is apparently not true for Suffolk County where at least 5 school districts appear to be planning to pierce tax increase caps.


Those following the headlines should be well aware that piercing these caps will not only directly increase local property taxes, but would void any proposed tax freeze help under Gov. Cuomo’s plan. This would ultimately shift even more of the burden onto these property owners.


It’s obviously a tough call for Suffolk County parents. They desperately want the best education and activity programs for their kids. Perhaps there is no price tag too high to make sure their children have every advantage they can. Some might argue that extra cash could be better administrated by parents directly. Either way, Suffolk County residents in these districts may be wise to start looking for other ways to trim their already heft tax bills.


Ironically, while the government complains it handed out $4 billion in fraudulent refunds last year, thousands of individuals haven’t even claimed the refunds and breaks they are entitled to.


This reportedly includes almost 1 million Americans that stand to lose any chance of collecting refunds from 2010 because they haven’t yet filed taxes. On a State level, as of December 17th some 50,000 New Yorkers hadn’t claimed their STAR benefits. The deadline was December 31st.


11,000 Long Islanders recently applied for aid and tax relief due to Sandy. Authorities say they hope to finish processing these requests by May 1st. However, they also make it clear that those that don’t receive a break or don’t feel they received a fair break can appeal by filing a tax grievance.


This is all on top of the ongoing overcharges property owners are hit with every year. The bottom line is unless you are happy with your tax bill it’s probably wise to explore the potential breaks, reductions and rebates available. Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. can help Suffolk County property owners do just that. Why wait?