Don’t Use Your Income Tax Refund To Pay LI Property Taxes Until You Read This…

Blog April 22, 2014 By Admin

Before considering using your IRS tax refund to pay your Long Island property taxes make sure you aren’t being overcharged!


How sad would it be to find out later that you blew your precious income tax refund money paying more property taxes than you really owed?


Unfortunately, there may be many Long Islanders in this boat. It’s not a big secret that Nassau and Suffolk County property owners are routinely overcharged on their property tax bills. Fortunately there is help to fight back and keep more of your money in your pocket.


The latest data from shows that even those visits to the government website are down 10% over last year, refunds are up!


As of April 4th, 2014 the Internal Revenue Service reports is dishing out $220 billion in income tax refunds this year at a little over an average of $2,700 a pop.


Most probably have something better or more appealing to spend that cash on than property taxes.


For those in imminent risk of losing their homes, then don’t delay in fixing this situation. Many may not realize they are just days away from foreclosure.


However, before you pay it’s absolutely worth picking up the phone to call Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. to see if you may be paying too much property tax and can get your tax bill slashed, and keep more of that money in your pocket…