Long Island Widow Loses $1.2M Home Over $6,000 In Property Taxes

Blog April 10, 2014 By Admin

Long Islanders are losing their homes for just pennies on the dollar in late property taxes. Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. could help you avoid being the next victim…


Reporting on the heartbreaking story Capital Bay leaked the details of how one 73 year old Long Island homeowner lost her home and didn’t even know it.


Hertha Handler’s home had been in the family for generations. Finally believing should could sell the property just to settle the outstanding debts of around $200k she was shocked to discover she was no longer even the owner of the $1.2 million Oyster Bay Cove home.


The elderly widow, like many Long Islanders had lost the property to an investor who bought two liens on her home for around just $3,000 apiece.


The investor of course did this out of no knowledge of the elderly widow’s situation, nor mal intent. In fact, this is just one of many cases.


The next round of tax lien sales is just weeks away and many more local property ‘owners’ could be set to lose their homes without realizing it too.


The really sad part about this story and the many others like it is that this is often a result of property owners being over charged on their tax bills. Many don’t realize they can get help to have their property tax bills corrected and reduced or the consequences of not handling it quickly.


This is what Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. is here for. We’d love to help if you have questions about your Nassau or Suffolk County property tax bills. Give us a call today…