Pulling a Jeter: New York Property Taxes Surge on Bribery, Corruption

Blog April 20, 2013 By Admin

New arrests of public officials highlight the many millions in extra property taxes corruption costs Long Island homeowners, but is pulling a ‘Jeter’ really the only way out?


Three new arrests of New York officials for real estate scams and bribery complaints give Suffolk and Nassau County homeowners a powerful reminder of just why their property tax bills often seem to be so outrageously high compared to the rest of the nation.


Shady real estate deals and other government contract deals may line the already pockets of those able to position themselves in seats of influence, but it comes with a price that all Long Islanders end up footing the bill for.


Corruption isn’t just driving up local property taxes for everyone due to the green light being given to new developments and buildings. In Nassau County concerns over contractors receiving millions in questionable payouts for storm cleanup has also become a concern.


All over the world today from Singapore to Egypt and around the U.S. property taxes are being used to soak up rising expenses and fuel more spending, even if much of that government spending is just going into the bank accounts of those in power.


New York Yankees’ Derek Jeter seems to have found a solution for avoiding the state’s outlandish income and property taxes and is getting out of town.


By selling his Trump Towers apartment and claiming residency in sunny Florida, along with a homestead exemption Jeter stands to slash both his state income and annual property taxes. You can flee to Florida too, or even overseas, but that isn’t an option for everyone and not everyone wants to leave family behind or their homes and history.


Luckily for those that want to stay but don’t think they should be victimized while others profit there are effective options for staying put and fighting back against unfair property tax bills.


File a property tax grievance with the help of New York’s leading property tax adjusters and get your bill fixed…