Deadline For Filing Long Island Property Tax Grievance Looming

Blog April 22, 2013 By Admin

With only days away from looming deadlines savvy Long Island property owners are scrambling to get help from the leading local property tax adjusters to slash their bills… A huge percentage of Long Island property owners qualify for having their tax bills lowered in 2013, but they’ll only be granted a reprieve if they actually file a grievance, and do it on time. Even for the wealthy New Yorkers that boast luxurious Long Island homes and can easily afford their outrageous and overinflated property tax bills in Nassau and Suffolk County why pay more than your share to line the pockets of the greedy or to fund tax cheats that have evaded tax collectors for years? Certainly there is a better use for that money or even a better way to put it to work to help build the community. How are you over paying and why are you being billed more than your fair share? There are many potential reasons including:

  • Corruption
  • Government waste and misuse of funds
  • Incorrect assessed values
  • Overvalued property assessments
  • Recent property damage hasn’t been taken into consideration
  • Recent devaluation of property values isn’t reflected
  • Bills pumped up to cover non-paying neighbors
  • More, more, more

New York home owners already pay the highest taxes in the nation, why pay even more when you shouldn’t be? Digging into your property assessment you are sure to find many factors that should be corrected and can be used to request a reduction. However, most simply don’t have the technical know-how or time to deal with it. This is exactly why the system hasn’t been fixed. The government knows that they can count on many to get frustrated and daunted when attempting it themselves and ultimately end up overpaying. Fortunately there are professionals that are here to help Long Islanders with filing their property tax grievances. Nassau County filing deadline has been extended until May 1, 2013 and that happens to be the same day Suffolk County accepts filings which ends the 3rdTuesday in May 2013. So contact a local property tax adjuster now slash your property tax bill and start saving… Property Tax Adjusters Ltd 516.513.0466