Property Tax News Headlines From Inauguration Week

Blog January 20, 2017 By Admin

The presidential inauguration may have taken up much of the media attention this week, but property tax issues are still in the news. What’s happening as the new president takes office?


Travis County Lowers Property Taxes in 2017

Travis County, TX has announced it is reducing its property tax rate this year. According to a county judge this is to mitigate the impact of rising property values, and to balance affordability. This new change is expected to keep net property tax bills level for the third year in a row.


Clark County Moves to Raise Property taxes

Nevada officials hope to repeal property tax caps after commercial and residential taxes rose just 0.2% this year. A new bill in Clark County aims to actually create a minimum floor of a 3% annual increase on some properties. In recent years Nevada has been infamous for lack of public services, though is still recovering from the crises of 2008.


Residents Line Up to Pay 2017 Property Taxes

In Milwaukee, residents have been lining up to pay their property taxes. Deadlines have been looming to pay taxes, and qualify to deduct the payment on income tax returns. Those that did not get payments off in the mail, and postmarked in time, have to pay in person.


Warren Buffett Could Get Hit With 800% Tax Assessment Increase

Despite the Oracle of Omaha saying “I overwhelmingly support Trump’s cabinet picks,” it appears he might get hit with a huge tax increase this year. Of course, he had also previously said he was happy to pay more in taxes. The Douglas County Assessor for Omaha, Nebraska has recently revised assessments, with some rising by 800%. The ABC news report on how local voters are reacting to the changes reminds property owners that they have the right to a Property Valuation Protest.


Real Estate Firm Pivots to Property Tax Reform

In Canada this week a major real estate firm has announced that it is pivoting to focusing on saving real estate investors from the burden of property taxes. The head of the firm says if he could focus on just one thing, it will be the giant market for saving investors from being overcharged on taxes. The company may be in talks to buy up smaller firms north of the border.


Finding Property Tax Help in NYC

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