Valentine’s Day 2017: Meaningful Gift Ideas For Long Islanders

Blog January 27, 2017 By Admin

Looking for meaningful Valentine’s Day gift ideas for spreading the love?


This is one of the best times of year. It’s not just for couples either. Be creative and find new ways to share the love…


Help the Homeless

Long Island just finished up its annual point-in-time homeless count. We know the real numbers of individuals, families, and children who are out in the cold are far higher than those that are visible. This is the perfect opportunity to make a small gesture that could have a big impact. Buy someone a meal, leave random Valentine’s Day cards for those who are unlikely to receive any, or put a family up in a hotel for a night.


Getaway Somewhere Warmer

No matter how much you love Long Island, everyone could use a warm getaway. Check out this list of sweet sunny winter getaways, where they have lower property taxes too.



Art is so valuable and priceless because it is unique. It can be a great gift for a partner, child, parent, sibling, or complete stranger. If you are arty, make something. Consider starting an Instagram account dedicated to your special someone and create an endless journal of your special memories together. Or pay to commission a portrait, or just take them to a new art gallery for the afternoon.


Instant Film Cameras

Both Fuji and Polaroid are bringing back the instant camera. Let your Valentine’s Day gift recipient create their own art and document your memories with real photos. Make sure you order yours through so that you are also giving to charity at the same time.


Property Tax Help

A lot of Long Islanders who still have homes are hurting under high property taxes. Help them avoid joining the thousands of homeless out there by contributing to their property tax bills, or referring them to a reputable property tax adjustment service in Nassau or Suffolk County.

How will you spread the love this year? Let us know!