Escaping NY Property Taxes: Smart Moves For Spring Break

Blog March 10, 2017 By Admin

Spring is almost here! What smart moves can be made for escaping the stress of New York’s burdensome property tax system?

The last month has seen local news headlines full of stories surrounding the inequality of NY’s high property taxes. So, whether it is a desire to finally say goodbye to the overbearing financial burden and unfair bills, or simply wishing for a sun-kissed getaway for a few days, what are some of the best plays to make this spring?


Smart Home Improvements

The housing market is still adjusting to the new economy, new inventory coming online, and the threat of rising interest rates. Those thinking about selling their places in NY are wise to make the extra effort to optimize their spaces to attract the best buyers.

A good spring cleaning is a smart move, and could pay back the best ROI. Get rid of the clutter, install new organizers, update colors for spring and summer, and make spaces feel as large and open as possible.

Be very careful when making any more significant home improvements. Many will not pay you back. Adding square footage or bedrooms could just increase your property tax bill. Today’s home buyers are looking for more modern spaces, but try to strike a good balance between enhancing appeal and leaving a clean slate on which prospective buyers can envision putting their own finishing touches.


Spring Break Escapes

While it may be ‘spring’ in name, most New Yorkers are good and ready for some sun and warmer weather. This is a great time to head off and forget about those bills for a week, or even scout out a new place to live with cheaper taxes. Assuming you aren’t looking to join the spring break madness of college students in Cancun or Miami, some less expensive, and more laid back choices may include Tampa or Bonita Springs, FL or the Dominican Republic. Airbnb, Hotwire, and local real estate agents may all have deals to look at.


Tackling TaxesIf there just isn’t room in the budget for a vacation or home makeover ahead of tax time this year, then consider taking a day to dig in, and find ways to slash your bills for next year. Review your property tax bills and assessments, appeal them, and join the thousands who are saving big. Why over pay every year, and pay the price, while your friends and neighbors are enjoying lower bills, and more vacations?