Important Thoughts On Property Taxes & Mother’s Day 2017

Blog March 17, 2017 By Admin

Mother’s Day is coming. Property tax bills are in. How can you help a mother dealing with the stress this year?


We’ve been bombarded with news of high, rising, and unfair property taxes recently. The consequences of overblown bills, and in paperwork mix ups which have unjustly sent owners’ properties to the foreclosure auction block for pennies on the dollar, are severe. Among the victims are thousands of mothers. There are the grandmothers on fixed incomes, whose housing costs keep soaring. There are the hard-working moms trying to provide for their families. What can you do to help this Mother’s Day?


Spread the News

One of the biggest threats to moms and their families is that they just don’t know that they are being overcharged and what help is available to them. The data shows that those who appeal their tax bills and assessments are very successful in reducing the burden. Those that don’t pay a very high price. So, share informational property tax websites like this, so that they are equipped with the information they need.


Give them a Hand

Some working mothers and grandmothers are just too busy to figure it all out, or fall victim to the complicated system which is stacked against them. Many mothers simply won’t complain or ask for help. They don’t want to worry or burden their families with the issue. So, why not pay someone’s tax bill or help them appeal by connecting them with a reputable tax adjustment service? You can do this randomly for local moms and grandmas, or help your own grandmother, mom, daughter, sister, or neighbor. Nothing else may be ass valuable and meaningful as helping a mom keep the roof over her family’s head.


Give them a Break

Some people are too proud to take help, or feel better taking it on themselves. That doesn’t mean they aren’t under a ton of stress. Treat them to a fabulous and relaxing day out away from the stress, or even a vacation they haven’t treated themselves too. Think pampering them with spa days or long and lavish lunches, and sunny escapes to get away from it all for a few days.


What will you do for a mom this Mother’s Day?