What the Huge Spike in LI Property Tax Grievances Means for You

Blog March 23, 2013 By Admin

Nassau and Suffolk County officials expect a major uptick in property tax grievances this year. Those not prepared could find themselves hit with huge bills and failing to pay can bring some pretty ugly consequences.


Over 2,500 residential properties on Long Island’s South Shore were “substantially damaged” by hurricane Sandy. This has already resulted in property tax grievances in Amityville doubling this year and four times the amount in Island Park and Long Beach.


A report by Long Island Newsday quotes local officials saying “a slew of successful grievances would force them to increase tax rates, shifting more of the tax burden to homeowners who were less affected by Sandy”.


This means those not filing grievances will bear the brunt of new tax increases. Not paying isn’t an option either. Those that have skipped out on paying their property tax bills have also added to the problem, such as the Long Island homeowner whose home caught fire on the day he was to be evicted for being $277,000 behind.


Once you slip behind on your New York property taxes it means penalties and extra costs. Then ultimately foreclosure and in some cases even having your name published in the news and your reputation tarnished.


Inaction clearly isn’t a way out but that doesn’t mean you should overpay either. Make sure you contact a local professional property tax adjuster to file your grievance on your behalf before the deadline and get a fair property tax bill you can afford.