The Coronavirus Lockdown: How Can I Still Pay & Appeal My Property Taxes?

Blog March 5, 2020 By Admin

Property tax deadlines are looming for Long Islanders. How can you still pay and appeal your property tax bill among all the chaos the coronavirus is causing?


We’re now dealing with both a global pandemic and local epidemic of the coronavirus. Various authorities across the country are declaring a state of emergency and are taking unprecedented measures to contain the virus.

NY Governor Cuomo has publicly admitted we are dealing with an epidemic in the state as cases rise. He also acknowledges that many of the problems stem from the public not trusting the information they are given, and not getting the information they want.

Over 1,000 people in NY have quarantined themselves already. Food, water and other essentials are flying off shelves. Schools and places of worship are being closed as needed and that could continue to widen.

Over in Washington, the state’s busiest county has effectively gone on lockdown, with all of Seattle’s 2.2 million workers being advised to work from home, and for anyone 60 years old and up not to leave their homes.

The biggest concern many have is not knowing what’s next, and when additional measures like this will be enforced.

Financial Strain

In our last post we covered some of the financial strains and side effects that are being caused by the coronavirus outbreak. There are many more emerging and on even a larger scale than many anticipated.

One thing the governor of NY is working on is to protect workers from being fired for having to take a leave of absence or being quarantined. He wants additional funds to cover this and more. That would be added to the budget and most likely be paid for by increases in real estate and property taxes. Potentially billions of dollars of additional financial burden to be spread amongst taxpayers.

Note that this won’t ensure you get paid leave from work, or your employer won’t go out of business.

Taking Care Of Your Property Taxes

While panicking won’t help, it just seems wise to minimize travel and interaction as much as possible, even before it becomes mandatory. It is the best way to avoid getting sick and to stop the spread of the virus.

If you can, pay your taxes online or through the mail.

If you need help with exemptions, and grieving your property tax assessment and bill before the fast approaching deadline, contact Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. for virtual assistance over the phone and by email.