Deadline To Grieve Your Property Tax Bill Is Approaching Fast

Blog February 20, 2020 By Admin

The deadline for Nassau County property owners to appeal their annual property tax bills and assessments is coming up fast. Make sure you don’t lose thousands because you didn’t get help in time.

Many Nassau County residents are facing massive jumps in their property tax bills. This is your chance to get the help to avoid overpaying by thousands, and to save your home.

Property Tax Grievance Filing Deadline Extended

Due to the new countywide property tax assessments and those new notices not yet reaching all of those property owners who have been impacted in the county, the deadline to appeal has been extended.

The original deadline to appeal was March 1st. That has now been extended to April 2nd, 2020. However, due to a massive expected turnout to grieve new assessments and bills that may now be 50% or more higher than last year, it is vital for property owners to get help immediately.

Reach out to Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. for help with your claim today.

Reasons Your Taxes Can Be Wrong

It is estimated that around 48% of all property tax notices are flawed each year. That number could be far higher this year. Meaning the chances you will be over-billed are incredibly high.


There are a wide variety of reasons your bill could be wrong, including:

  • Fraud
  • Human or computer error
  • In correct property data, such as bedroom count or square footage
  • Not accounting for property damage
  • Not accounting for recent comparable sales

New Budget, More Taxes

NY Governor Cuomo recently announced his

2020 state budget. One which may put even more financial pressure on Nassau County residents.

There is a reported $6B deficit between plans for increased spending and previous tax receipts. The governor aims to close that gap. Though this will rely on tax increases to bring in at least an extra $2B and reducing healthcare coverage and access. The budget also includes funding recreational marijuana use, so that the state can make more money from the sale and production of the drug.

Appeal your taxes now. It can be some of the most profitable and important time you invest all year. Block out the time to contact us for help now.