The Best 2014 Mother’s Day Gift – Save A Mom’s Home!

Blog May 8, 2014 By Admin

The best 2014 Mother’s Day gift of all for many Long Islanders could be saving a local mother’s home. Too many Long Island moms are losing their homes due to outrageous property tax fails. While New York politicians get busted for skirting every tax law in the book, and even IRS officials are one foot in the slammer for persecuting specific groups, the situation is ‘Grimm’ for many Nassau and Suffolk County homeowners. Long Island moms are losing their homes. They are losing family homes that they have lived in for decades, and losing homes their children rely on for a roof over their heads, and it’s all over property taxes. Many local mothers aren’t even aware they are set to lose their homes in the next few days. Recently we’ve seen a broken system sell a grandmother’s family home out from under here for a few thousand dollars in back taxes. One widow even lost her home over just $6.30 in back taxes she didn’t even know she owed. Many of these moms, grandmothers and their children could save their homes. Often it isn’t even about finding the money they are being billed, but being made aware they have options, and that there is help available. What they need to know:

  1. They can lose their homes for past due property taxes
  2. They are probably unfairly being charged too much property tax
  3. They can have their taxes lowered and keep their homes
  4. Where they can find help

If you know a mom who is behind on her property taxes, is just being billed too much, or you are one of these Long Island mothers – Contact Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. today and find out what help is available now…