31 Ways To Use Your LI Property Tax Savings This Summer

Blog May 15, 2014 By Admin

Far too many Long Island homeowners are overpaying on their property taxes. Some might not care, others could desperately use the extra cash in their pockets right now. A huge percentage of local property owners could be owed a property tax reduction if they’ just get help to demand it. So whether it is $1,000 in savings each year or many thousands what are some of the better ways to use the money than overpaying to the tax man?

  1. Finally get around to making those long dreamed of home improvements
  2. Donate directly to a local school fundraiser or afterschool program
  3. Catch up on late bills and housing payments
  4. Make an extra payment to reduce your home mortgage balance
  5. Pay off high interest rate debt or credit cards and save more each month
  6. Contribute to a crowdfunding campaign and help change the world
  7. Put a down payment on a new car
  8. Donate to charity
  9. Open a savings account for your kids or grandkids
  10. Throw a fourth of July party
  11. Treat someone special to a great night out
  12. Take off on a summer road trip
  13. Enjoy a romantic weekend away with your soul mate
  14. Stash the money to save for the December holidays
  15. Start a retirement savings account and start saving tax deferred or tax free
  16. Start your savings fund to buy your retirement home in Florida
  17. Start a new small business and become your own boss
  18. Take a cruise
  19. Invest in your education and learn something new
  20. Use it to refinance your home loan and buy down to a lower interest rate
  21. Write and self-publish your own book
  22. Go on a volunteer trip to a foreign country
  23. Buy a bicycle and get fit, help the environment and lower your monthly bills
  24. Add energy efficient features to your Long Island home
  25. Save for heating your Long Island home in the winter
  26. Stage your home for sale so it sells faster and for more money and find a state with lower property taxes
  27. Hire a great tax accountant to help you save on your New York income taxes
  28. Learn a new language
  29. Take it to Vegas and try your luck
  30. Help a homeless person get a job and their own apartment
  31. Splurge on a $1,000 pizza in one of NYC’s great restaurants

Certainly just about every idea on this list has to be a better use of your dollars than paying bills you don’t owe. There are infinite other options if none of these appeal to you either. So what are you waiting for? Reach out and get the help you need with Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. today…