Taxes & Heavy Weather: Long Islanders Preparing For Brutal Year

Blog April 16, 2018 By Admin

Long Islanders are dealing with a heavy burden of taxes and weather already this year. The forecast may not be much brighter, with the exception of the ability to grieve property tax bills.

Unrelenting Nor’easters

The northeast’s seemingly nonstop series of winter storms this season have dealt some heavy blows to Long Islanders’ bank accounts and properties. The coastline has taken a serious beating. Homes may be piling up new damage that hasn’t been realized yet, and may not until the weather subsides. If your home has been damaged, make sure you know your rights for avoiding overpaying even more in property taxes.

Hurricanes Are Coming

If there is a break in the weather, it may not be for long. Forecasters are predicting another very active Atlantic hurricane season. This year’s begins in only around 8 weeks. Many from Puerto Rico to Florida to Long Island are still trying to recover from previous storms and the damage to infrastructure, jobs, and homes. According to the Insurance Journal there are 11 to 15 storms expected this season, 5-7 of which will be hurricanes, and 1-3 will be major hurricanes. Even worse, “If I had to draw it today, the centering of the area of greatest activity would not be like last year. Look for storms to be stronger farther to the north and east than 2017.”

Taxes, Taxes and More Taxes

Many are still trying to figure out what the damage will be from the new tax bill. Unfortunately, new reassessments and higher school taxes could further compound the hit for those in Nassau County.

Fortunately, spring does offer a great time to assess properties and their condition, as well as to prep your property for what’s ahead. Don’t miss the opportunity when the weather eases up to tackle this fast to minimize taxes. Check our spring guide and tips for saving on property taxes here.