Property Taxes & Spring Cleaning For Your Home On Long Island

Blog April 13, 2018 By Admin

Ready for some better weather and a new season in your life? With spring officially here, it is time to spruce up our Long Island homes and finances.

When the Weather Breaks

When the snow finally subsides it is important to get outside and conduct basic inspections before getting to the landscaping. Check all structural and functional items. Look for roof leaks, blocked or damaged gutters, and cracked driveways and foundations.

On the Inside

On the inside it is important to make sure the plumbing is still working well and there are no new leaks. Check the AC to be sure you’ll have cool air for the summer months, and won’t have to call for help during the peak and more expensive season for these contractors. Break out new colors and accessories to lighten your home up. Though give careful consideration to any major interior remodeling and improvements which may impact home value and drive up taxes.

Spruce Up Your Finances

Hopefully your financial paperwork should be together and organized given federal income tax deadlines are here. If they are not, be sure to get on top of it fast. You can always file an extension if needed. Take time to evaluate all of your housing related bills. Can you switch to Apple TV and Netflix instead of cable? Can you refinance your home and lower payments? Can you lower your insurance premiums? If you are making any home improvements or are putting in replacements, can you put in more energy efficient materials to lower utility bills? This can all help fund more spring cleaning and style updates for your home.

Grieve Your Property Taxes

New property tax assessments are coming to Long Island. This will hurt a lot for many local property owners. Make sure it is accurate. Maybe you have a mother in law suite which is no longer functional due to weather damage, basement leaks, have combined two bedrooms to make a larger master suite, or neighboring properties have been severely damaged and are selling dirt cheap. This may all help lower your tax burden.

If you aren’t sure if you are getting a fair assessment you are probably not. Get in touch with Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. today for pro help in reducing your property taxes.