Suffolk County Residents Get Property Tax Extension, But Higher Bills Coming

Blog June 4, 2020 By Admin

Suffolk County property owners may now have a few more days to make their property tax payments. Though even higher bills are almost certainly on their way.

New Due Date

NY Governor Cuomo has finally agreed to extend Suffolk County property tax deadlines to June 21st 2020. Not the length of a break that others desired, but still a welcome last minute deal many will appreciate.

Those who can’t make this deadline can expect a 5% late penalty to be added to their bills. Plus, a 1% late fee each month, which is also retro active for four months prior to the bill being due. Those who are already late, or who still cannot pay could find themselves in foreclosure and see their properties being auctioned off for just the amount of taxes due.

Higher Taxes On The Horizon

As we discussed with Nassau County and other parts of NY last week, recent events continue to result in higher taxes. We are just seeing the tip of the iceberg.

The COVID-19 pandemic and fall out was already creating countless excuses for all types of NY taxes to be raised, including property taxes. The Suffolk County Comptroller has also already been complaining about a $350M budget deficit and inability to make payroll. This was back in May. Now the riots and looting are likely to skyrocket new tax hikes by the most we’ve seen in many years.

Meanwhile it is going to be harder to earn, and everyone is facing more expenses from storm preparedness to looting cleanup, healthcare, gas prices, public transport and food prices.

Stand up For Your Rights

The average property tax bill in Suffolk County is almost $10,000 per year. It could quickly shoot past that. Yet, many are already being grossly overcharged in a broken and unjust system. You do have the right to appeal, and Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd., can help you challenge your bill and save thousands each year.