New York Tax Crackdowns Net Millions As Homeowners Overpay Or Go Homeless

Blog October 19, 2013 By Admin

New York tax crackdowns on the neediest yield almost $100 million for government, while services are slimmed down, and many homeowners continue to be overcharged for property taxes, or face homelessness…


While local small business owners on Long Island keep up their entrepreneurial spirit and fight to stay open, many large companies have reportedly left, reducing jobs as many residents are still striving to overcome the challenges left by Sandy.


Experts state than much of the corporate exodus is due to companies seeking lower property taxes to bring down operating costs and housing expenses for employees so that they can attract and retain the best talent.


Meanwhile the New York Post reports a NY tax crackdown mainly targeting veterans, the disabled, seniors and the non-profits aiding them has netted almost $100 million.


At the same time many area families are still essentially ‘homeless with a mortgage’ paying expenses on homes which are unlivable and squatting elsewhere while waiting endlessly for phantom insurance payouts.


Fortunately, all Long Island real estate owners do have the ability to file a property tax grievance and request that their property tax bills are corrected and reduced.


If you are struggling financial a property tax adjuster could help you reduce your liability and get the breaks that you deserve to alleviate the burden.

Even for those that aren’t feeling a financial pinch this is perhaps a savvy financial move to stop overpaying on taxes and use the cash to help others that need it more…