Nassau County Property Taxes, Turkey Shortages & Flocking South

Blog December 28, 2014 By Admin

While high property taxes have recently caused many to consider fleeing Nassau County, it may not be the best option, or even a possibility for many.


While the New York Times recently reported that some are finding selling their family homes in the northeast to head for more modest digs in warmer weather, and celebrities like Sean Hannity have put their Nassau County homes on the market in hopes of finding lower property taxes elsewhere, the math may not be as attractive as some anticipate.


Leaving the state of NY to avoid high property taxes might sound great, but buying isn’t as attractive elsewhere as it was. In fact, house prices in prime Florida zip codes are pushing those of the most elite in New York. At the same time selling here isn’t as good as it will be. For others the monetary trade off simply isn’t worth giving up the family home, and family and friends. Many might be wise to at least first work to lower their Nassau County property taxes, hold onto the family home a little longer, and hope house prices gain velocity.


During the 2014 Thanksgiving holiday reported that local nonprofits could barely help a quarter of those seeking assistance. The latest data from the US Census Bureau reports over 258,000 homeless children in the state. Sadly, many are being added to these homeless and hungry figures due to their property tax burden, and worse incorrect tax bills. Meanwhile thousands of vacant homes on Long Island are being demolished, and distressed homeowners are losing properties for pennies on the dollar due to delinquent property taxes, or at least face racking up high penalties on back taxes. So many might not need to endure this if they’d fix their property tax bills and take advantage of the help of local Nassau County property tax adjusters.