High Property Taxes Still The One Battle Long Islanders Can Conquer

Blog January 3, 2015 By Admin

Property taxes are still one of the few financial battles Long Island property owners can still win, if they know how…


Long Island homeowners haven’t had an easy time recently. Yes, this may be one of the most famously wealthy nooks of the universe, but it doesn’t come without an equally grand price tag.


The media has consistently reported on how many high profile Long Island property owners have been chased off by extreme taxes taking their wealth and incomes elsewhere.


New outrage over both FEMA demanding to recover previous payments to homeowners across the country has been trumped by the news the agency dragged its feet for a year after becoming aware that government contractors deliberately forged documents to underpay Sandy victims.


Meanwhile, living costs are rising so fast and high across New York that calls for new rent regulations are coming to a head.


Long Islanders might not be able to change the system the federal tax rates they are being hit with, the culture of fraud as normal operating procedure, failure to force banks to step up and deal with foreclosures appropriately or take their licenses away, or high property tax rates. However, Long Island homeowners can win the battle against property tax fraud in their mailboxes.


By leveraging the help of local Long Island Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd., homeowners can help challenge, correct, and lower their property tax bills and claw back control over their money.