Mayor Offers Offensive Property Tax Rebate Checks As Many Are Over Billed By Thousands Of Dollars

Blog October 20, 2022 By Admin

NYC’s mayor has announced the issuance of measly property tax rebate checks as New Yorkers are hit with bills that are overcharging them by thousands of dollars each yet.

As NY property owners are bombarded with financial hits from all sides, finding help to challenge fraudulent and oversized tax bills has never been more important.


When A Tax Rebate Is Just Adding Salt To A Wound

NYC’s Mayor Adams just approved a $150 property tax rebate for some residents. Stating that it is intended to provide some relief for those struggling with mortgages and utilities the most.

Of course, with heating bills up the most in 25 years, and mortgage rates heading to 2-4 times what they were recently, $150 isn’t going to go far. Especially not when you consider all of the additional taxes and tax hikes coming into play.

Many are likely to find this an offensive gimmick that is just kicking them after they’ve been knocked down by the same people already.


Owners Are Being Over Charged Thousands Of Dollars

What makes this even more ironic is that hundreds, if not hundreds of thousands of NY property owners are being issued property tax bills that are hundreds and thousands of dollars extra than they should be.

According to coverage by ABC News, officials just found that instead of getting the reductions they were eligible for, some property owners are seeing bills that are 62% higher this year. In some cases $15,000 more than they should be paying.

What good is a $150 rebate check, when you are being over-billed by $15,000?


Home Values About To Plunge

This is all while many New Yorkers are desperately rushing to sell homes as values fall, and should be benefiting from fast diving property tax bills instead.

According to Zillow, over 65% of homes are now selling below asking price in Manhattan. While the time it has taken to sell a home seems to have gone from a matter of a few hours, to over 3 months.


Appeal Your Property Tax Bill Now

Clearly, there is no meaningful help coming from politicians or tax authorities. They just keep adding insult to injury, and then pat themselves on the back about it in the news.

Just say no to being a victim of these tax scams. Get help from Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. to review your bill for errors, and get the real savings that you are entitled to.