How To Free Up More Cash For Holiday Shopping

Blog October 28, 2022 By Admin

Giant retailers and small businesses alike appear to be bracing for a poor holiday sales season.

Even Jeff Bezos may be taking a $23B cut to his wealth after Amazon’s stock plunges on fears of low holiday sales.

So, how can you free up hundreds, thousands, or even more in free cash to be able to enjoy a comfortable season this year?


The President & Markets Can’t Seem To Agree

The president has recently said that he has brought down gas prices since coming into office, inflation has stopped, and according to data released to the Long Island Business Network,  the recession is over with the economy growing by a strong 2.6% since July.

Not all businesses and economists seem to agree that things are getting better. You may not be feeling that either.

Amazon’s stock has plunged on sales forecasts for the end of year. LIBN reports small businesses are also worried. They are putting out Christmas decorations and gifts now in hopes of extending the sales period. Even though we haven’t made it through Halloween yet.

Some consumers seem to be jumping on the bandwagon with Christmas decor going up in early October. Perhaps in expectation of a new crisis, and more COVID like lockdowns coming.


Everything Costs More This Year

Holiday dinners, groceries to cook, and gifts are all going to be far more expensive this year. That’s even if they have what you want in the store, or it can get delivered on time.

To make it worse, all other living costs are skyrocketing too. Heating bills will cost you more than in 20 years this winter. So, will the interest rate on your home mortgage, and perhaps putting any money on credit cards too.


Property Taxes & Massive Savings

Most property owners are going to see their annual property tax bills are much higher this year too.

Meaning less money for companies to give any year end bonuses. As well as thousands more having to be given to the government instead of treating your family and friends after a wild year.

There is a very high chance that your property tax assessment and bill is far, far higher than it should be. With the help of Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. you can appeal that, and potentially save hundreds, thousands, or even more.

That can go a long way towards making this season what you want it to be.

Be sure to tell your friends and family about this too. It may be the best gift that you can give them.