How Property Tax Adjusters Help LI’s Small Business Owners

Blog January 23, 2015 By Admin

Long Island property tax adjusters are appreciated as essential resources for helping local homeowners save thousands on their bills. So how have these professionals also become one of the most important allies of NY entrepreneurs and small business owners?


Reclaim Your Income


Almost invariably the one thing aspiring NY entrepreneurs and small business owners say they need more of is capital and funding to get going, and grow. It can be difficult to find that extra surplus to work on a business idea, and launch a new venture when you are paying more than 25% of your income in taxes. That might not even include your Long Island property taxes.


So one of the crucial steps in launching a new business or even finding the cash to keep going and grow is freeing up household income from other sources. Fortunately, with the help of Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. this is one battle Long Islanders can conquer.


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By correcting and lowering property taxes on their homes entrepreneurs can find the surplus they need to get ahead.


Business Property


It only makes sense that if around half of residential property tax bills in Nassau and Suffolk County are wrong and overinflated each year that many commercial property taxes are too.


Overhead like this can prevent new startups and even long standing small local businesses from achieving their potential and remaining competitive. If giant retailer Target, with all of its resources recently had to close over 100 stores, lay of thousands of employees, and file bankruptcy in Canada defaulting on many leases, it’s obvious that business rents and holding costs can be a serious threat to sustainability and competitiveness for smaller companies.


Not all New York enterprises have been able to take advantage of the Startup NY initiative. So getting commercial property taxes reduced too can make a massive difference.


Supporting Local & Legacy Businesses and Philanthropy


Not every Long Islander wants to be an entrepreneur or small business owner. However, we all either have children who will quite likely aspire to be entrepreneurs, or will have to start their own businesses, and would like to see local businesses and the Long Island economy flourish with responsible, ethical and sustainable businesses and nonprofits.


Funds to support these passions through crowdfunding, charity, trusts, and business loans, can all be found through LI real estate tax savings.


Isn’t it time you spoke to a professional Long Island Property Tax Adjuster?