How Long Island Property Tax Adjusters Help Buying & Refinancing Homes

Blog January 16, 2015 By Admin

How can Long Island property tax adjusters help home buyers and homeowners more easily purchase and refinance homes in Nassau and Suffolk County?


Property tax adjusters have been increasingly in need by Long Island homeowners. If it’s not sky high taxes, and incorrect bills which take huge chunks out of incomes, and even threaten foreclosure, it is correcting tax assessments after damage from storms like Sandy, or as property prices have deflated.


However, there is another way that Long Island based Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. could be an incredible ally in both refinancing and buying homes in Suffolk and Nassau County. While interest rates have remained incredibly low, making it easier and more affordable to purchase and refinance homes to reduce overall monthly housing payments, and the cost of homes over the life of a loan, property taxes can still be a sizable roadblock.


With mortgage underwriting still a tenuous affair and personal finances still tight every penny can count. This is certainly true of the amount of cash needed to be brought to closing when buying a home, as well as how much is locked up in escrow to pay property taxes, and qualifying for the best Long Island mortgage rates and loan programs. NY property taxes can play a big part of ‘DTI’ (Debt-To-Income) ratios too.


By correcting and lowering property taxes DTI can be lowered and more New Yorkers can afford to buy homes and qualify for better mortgage deals. It can also help current homeowners to lock in the best refinance deals and reduce their housing payments by as much as possible.

So what are you waiting for? If you’ve been thinking about refinancing your Long Island home, or are under contract to buy a home, it might be wise to contact Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. to find out how they can help…