Flavor Flav Can’t Escape Long Island’s Notoriously High Property Taxes Fast Enough

Blog January 16, 2014 By Admin

Rapper Flavor Flav was arrested for speeding on Long Island on January 9th, but certainly isn’t the only ex-resident to be racing out of the state during the last few years of tough economic times and soaring property taxes.


Busted going 79 miles per hour near the Southern State Parkway, the ex-Freeport music artist that now resides in Las Vegas was certainly in a hurry. While talks of permitting medical marijuana use in the state have been encouraging to some, the ‘limited’ application apparently wasn’t instituted in time or applicable to those seeking relief from the pain of high property taxes troopers listed it among the rapper’s possessions on arrest.


Great efforts have been made to make NY and LI more attractive for businesses recently, and Governor Andrew Cuomo’s January 8th address certainly offers hope of more to come, and even direct help for some New York homeowners battling unfair and rapidly rising property taxes.


However, it has been made pretty clear that any proposed property tax breaks won’t be available to those in districts that don’t take cutting budgets seriously. In other words many Long Islanders will have little hope of seeing any help in their own pockets. For many, it could even go the other way as someone has to pick up the slack.


For right now all local homeowners still seem to remain public enemy #1. So with pulling a ‘Fast and Furious’ stunt to get out of state, and medical marijuana apparently poor options leveraging the help of a Long Island property tax adjustment professional still remains the best bet for relief from unfair taxes.