2014 New Year’s Resolutions For Long Island Property Owners

Blog January 9, 2014 By Admin

2014 is here and it’s time for setting and living those New Year’s resolutions. Fortunately, there are some very important ones which can be a lot easier to achieve than dieting to lose weight or quitting smoking.


One of the top 2014 New Year’s resolutions of many is sure to be making more money, or at least having more disposable income.


Long Island’s Newsday reports one of the top resolutions home buyers in 2014 being tightening their belts further. A new thread on the most popular online real estate investing forum Bigger Pockets reveals one of the top mistakes made by investors in 2013 was “not challenging tax assessments”, as well as “leaving money on the table”, and not having a tax plan.


This together with new revelations about Nassau County taxpayers being secretly charged millions of dollars from the crime lab scandal and common knowledge of Suffolk and Nassau County residents being overcharged on property tax bills, suggest one of the best ways to create more surplus cash for Long Islanders is tackling their property tax bills.


By challenging their property tax assessments Long Island homeowners and investors can potentially find thousands of extra dollars a year to give them some financial slack and more disposable income.

This is clearly a lot easier, less painful and faster to achieve than trying to give up smoking, lose 30lbs or even give up pizza and soda for most. The only question is how much longer you are going to keep over paying on your property taxes.