Escaping Long Island’s Property Taxes This Easter

Blog February 24, 2017 By Admin

What can you do to escape, alleviate, and help others with the impact of Long Island’s hefty property taxes this Easter?


We all know Long Island has some of the highest property taxes in the nation. They aren’t billed fairly or evenly, the system is broken at best, and it can cause a lot of stress, financial distress, and has often split families apart. So, how can we all find some relief or help others dealing with the strain of these taxes as we roll into the Easter holidays?


Inexpensive Ways to Have Fun

It’s amazing how we can have just as much fun doing cheap and even free activities, as heading off to Disney for a week. It doesn’t cost much to paint some Easter eggs, craft some cards, or go on an egg hunt.


Easter Themed Open Houses

If you are among those desperate to sell your home on Long Island to escape the high property tax burden, and permanently head off to your favorite Spring Break location, consider an Easter themed open house. Create some buzz, host an egg hunt, bring in the bunnies, host and art session, and pack the place with prospective buyers.


Give Out Gift Baskets

If you are doing okay, then consider helping others find some financial relief this Easter. Hand out Easter baskets to families who may not be able to afford them. Put money in plastic eggs, and surprise someone with the ability to pay their property tax bill.


Appealing Property Taxes

If you don’t have the ability to give big this year, then appeal your own property tax assessment and get those bills lowered. Then share the ability to reduce those tax bills by referring others to your favorite Long Island property tax adjuster. Then next year you should be able to host your own fabulous Easter brunch.


Invest in Real Estate

Instead of simply blowing any income tax refunds you receive this year, consider investing in more real estate. Invest in properties which allow you to provide affordable housing to others on Long Island. Then use the income you receive to offset your own property tax bills at home or at your business.

What will you do to make this, and all the Easters to come even better?