Don’t Wait For New Nassau County Tax Assessments To Save On Bills

Blog December 13, 2018 By Admin

Nassau County property owners are being hit some of of the biggest tax changes yet. Just don’t let the hype prevent you from getting the help reducing your property bills that you are entitled to right now.

In case you missed it, Nassau County is reassessing every property in the county at the behest of the new County Executive. However, this move that was posed as a fix for the corrupt system could just prove to be the biggest scandal in at least a decade, if not since the Boston Tea Party.

County Executive Laura Curran is desperately leading the charge to gain legislative backing for this big new change. Her office says as many as 40% of local homeowners have been overpaying on their annual property tax bills, and should be due reductions. Yet, Curran is also fighting for these new reductions to be postponed and rolled out over a five year period. That means even though they admit they are over-billing you, they want you to keep overpaying for another 5 years.

This wording also means that 60% of homeowners could see their property taxes go up significantly under the new assessment algorithms. 600 people packed out the legislative building on December 12th to demand answers about the new assessments.

According to News 12, many Long Island homeowners were not getting the answers they wanted. Among the Nassau residents in attendance seeing big jumps in their bills under the new plan and worrying about being able to keep their homes were Joseph Mills whose taxes are to go up $3,000 per year. Frances Digiovanni said her bill was also slated to go up by $3,000. While others like Eric Berliner said the changes mean a $60,000 increase in his property tax bill.

Don’t overlook the extreme irony of reassessing for taxes now, at the peak of the market, when home values are headed down. Or while billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Amazon is being given billions in financial aid and property tax breaks. Yet, local homeowners and small business owners have been severely limited on what they can deduct due to new tax rules, creating a triple financial whammy.

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