5 New Year’s Resolutions For Long Island Homeowners

Blog December 13, 2018 By Admin

Ready for some fresh new year’s resolutions. Ones that don’t have anything to do with dieting or exercise?

Here are five resolutions that all Long Island homeowners should consider adopting for 2019…

  1. Challenge Your Property Tax Bills

The new assessments for Nassau County have already proven to be a mess. If you’d like more financial security and more surplus income in 2019, start with appealing your property tax bill.

  1. Get a Great CPA

Tax time is coming up again soon. A lot of tax rules have changed since last year. The confusion could cost a lot of Long Islanders thousands of dollars in missed deductions and over-payments. Make sure you find a great tax accountant to help you make sense of it, keep your bill down in April, and come up with a smart tax plan for all of 2019.

  1. Don’t Fall for Gimmicks

Resolve no to fall victim to gimmicks like blanket tax rebate checks. They are mostly a scam, and distraction aimed at just making you spend it, pacifying taxpayers and artificially boosting the economic data. If you get one, use it for your property taxes. Or if you must take it shopping – shop local and support small businesses and local workers who are being hammered with our high property tax rates.

  1. Don’t Let Them Take Your Home

It appears that we may be in that phase of the cycle again when housing is heading to crisis, and foreclosures are rising, and many people will lose their homes. Sometimes it will be the result of lender fraud. In other cases it may be over a few dollars in taxes. Over in Brooklyn, the borough president has raised the alarm that there has been a criminal effort to take unkempt homes and sell them to real estate developers for as little as $1. Don’t ignore the mail. If you aren’t sure ask an attorney.

  1. Get Involved in the Process

Resolve to get involved in the decision making process. We’re all busy. They like it that way. If you are not involved in elections and other decisions, you have no control. You can stand up, ask questions, support good solutions, and put on pressure to fix what’s broken.