6 Ways To Optimize Your Housing Costs For 2018

Blog December 15, 2017 By Admin

New Yorkers are famous for their real estate. We have some of the most in-demand and best loved properties in the world, but that doesn’t mean we should be overpaying for it. Here are six ways to optimize your housing costs for the new year, so that you can hold on to a home you love, and have more financial surplus to enjoy the other things you love the most too.

Go Green

The greener and more energy and resource efficient we can become, the less reliant we’ll have to be on utility companies, and their monopoly. This may include solar, more efficient appliances, and even rainwater harvesting systems.


Better insulation is one of the best returning home improvements owners can make. It can be a great selling point if you ever decide to move on. It can help save you a lot on bills every month.


Whether purchasing a new home, or able to refinance an existing mortgage, look for the optimal terms for the time you expect to be there. If you only expect to own a home short term, you may benefit from a lower rate adjustable mortgage. If you plan to hold onto it for the long term, a 30 year mortgage, with more points upfront, and a lower interest rate may provide the most sustainability and savings.


If legal in your area and for your property, then Airbnb can be a great way to lower your housing costs, and increase your income. Perhaps you have an extra room or suite you don’t need, and can rent out. Or you typically head south to warmer weather for the season, and can bring in extra income by renting your entire place for several months a year. Others may be eager to travel during the summer, or go on extended vacations or remote working excursions. Renting out your place could be a great way to pay for that, while still ensuring you have somewhere to come back to.

Smart Home Tech

Smart home devices can help provide a lot of savings. These include smart thermostats, smart lights, and smart irrigation. They optimize use, without compromising your comfort, and can be great selling features in the future.

Property Taxes

Now more than ever it is vital that homeowners review, challenge, and appeal their property tax bills. Not only are they frequently incorrect or over-inflated, but now, under the new tax bill you want to do everything you can to keep bills under the threshold for deducting them on your federal income tax returns.