You’ll Work 5 Months Just To Pay Taxes This Year

Blog April 16, 2015 By Admin

You’ll Work 5 Months Just To Pay Taxes This Year

Do you know how many days you’ll have to work this year just to pay your taxes? The Tax Foundation reports that most Americans will have to work 114 days in 2015, just to pay taxes. That gets a lot worse if you live on Long Island.

Quick 2015 Tax Facts:

  • New Yorkers have to work until May 8th just to pay their taxes this year
  • NY is one of the top 3 states where you’ll have to work longest to pay taxes
  • 31% of the nation’s income will go to taxes in 2015 ($4.8 billion)
  • It used to only take 20 days of work to cover taxes
  • Long Islanders will pay more on taxes than housing, food, and clothing all combined this year!

Long Islanders not only have to work over a month longer just to pay taxes than in other states, but have to pay a lot more for many other living expenses too. That doesn’t even count the bogus, zombie property tax bills that try to gouge and overcharge almost half of LI residents each year. If current trends continue our grandchildren will be working 10 months of the year just to pay taxes. ‘Tax Freedom Day’ may be a very ironic term to use for counting this figure off each year. We need good education for our kids. We need access to health care. And we enjoy living in safe environments. But, just perhaps improving efficiency and ethics in the use of tax dollars could minimize the need to keep raising taxes. Thankfully we don’t have to rely on that fantasy becoming a reality. Check out these 6 Ways to Reduce Your Property Tax Bill…