Why Long Islanders Need To File Property Tax Grievances Despite Freeze Promise

Blog February 21, 2014 By Admin

Why is it so important for Long Island homeowners to file for property tax grievances even though the Governor is batting for a multi-billion dollar freeze?


Gov. Cuomo’s proposed $2 billion tax freeze for New York has been headline news for several weeks. Many welcome it. Others like the President of the NYSUT don’t appear to be as excited and are calling for the state to meet all of its obligations prior to granting any breaks that would benefit a political candidate in an election year.


So here are 5 reasons Long Islands should be as diligent as ever about filing for property tax grievances…


  1. It may not pass


If the proposed budget and tax breaks don’t pass many could find they have even higher tax bills than before and will be fighting for their spot in line to have their Long Island property taxes reduced.


  1. Tax breaks aren’t for everybody


These tax breaks aren’t going to help everyone. The proposal is spread among several different freezes and credits and only for those in certain school districts. Many may not be able to even receive the benefits for other tax complications. Those still left to pay will also have to make up for all those not paying.


  1. Money may be needed for other things


The NYSUT is complaining that school funding has been reduced and already is falling short of needs. Other living expenses could rise too. So whether it is tutors or after school care or groceries Long Islanders would be wise to create as much of a surplus in their disposable income as they can to offset it.


  1. A discount on an over-charge isn’t really a discount


Partial tax credits and caps are really a mirage in many cases as so many Long Islanders are being over billed for property taxes anyway. What good is a $1,000 credit if you are being over charged $2,000 or more? That’s just a bad joke at best.


  1. Reset


While some may disagree it certainly seems easier for the system to keep pushing up property tax rates even higher from where they are if no one challenges their incorrect bills. Sooner or later enough pressure and the additional burden of having to fix everyone’s taxes each year will hopefully eventually result in the government realizing they need to make a real fix and it will be more efficient for them to do so.