Where To Find The Real Savings This Black Friday

Blog November 24, 2022 By Admin

Amazon is expecting to lose $10B. Its founder Jeff Bezos is expected to take a $23B hit to his net worth. The company is even giving up on new warehouses it gained huge property tax breaks for. All at a time of year when we usually see a surge in spending.

It seems that with inflation, there are really few true Black Friday deals out there. The same is expected for Cyber Monday.

Much of the shopping may have already been done as retailers launched Christmans items on sale before Halloween was over, anticipating a poor season. While consumers bought early fearing more inflation or new lockdowns coming.

So, where are the real savings this Black Friday?


They Are Not In Florida

After several years of mass migration from New York to Florida, there are few deals to be found down south anymore.

Cash rich New Yorkers have been purchasing homes for dramatically more than they have been worth for several years. Now they are being shocked by skyrocketing property tax bill increases after their own purchases, and their neighbors. Hikes of 30-40% or more are not going to be uncommon.

AAA has forecast this to be the busiest travel season to the state since 2005. Though deals on real estate may be non-existent for those still hoping to follow the flock southwards.


Save Big On Your Property Taxes

For those that still own property in NY, and across Long Island, this holiday weekend may be best spent looking at other ways to save big.

Sadly, our property tax system is still badly broken and corrupt. At least half of property owners can still expect to be overcharged on their property tax bills this year.

The good news is that you don’t just have to sit there and take it. You have the right to appeal your property tax assessment and annual bill. Property Tax Adjusters is here to help you with that.

Others are saving not just hundreds, but thousands, tens of thousands and more this year, and each year going forward.

That alone can pay for all the holiday essentials and extra treats you are hoping for this year. It can certainly go a long way to offset the crazy inflation out there.

It will also help offset soaring utility bills, and other expenses so that your home stays more affordable through the new year too.