What Do Nassau County Property Taxes Cover?

Blog July 9, 2020 By Admin

Every year, residents of Nassau County pay hefty property taxes. Your home’s value is assessed and multiplied by a tax rate of 2.17%, one of the top ten highest in the country. But why? Where does that money go?

The state government uses your property tax money to support several local entities which serve you and your family every day.

First Responders

Part of your tax money goes to the people who keep you safe. The salaries and pensions of public safety groups like the police department, EMTs, firefighters and even 9-1-1 call-takers are taken out of your property taxes. In addition to personal income, your property taxes pay for these organizations’ supplies, vehicles, and offices—plus the maintenance of each aforementioned amenity.

Road Safety


The construction and reparation of roads, bridges and facilities covers a substantial part of your taxes. Maintenance jobs, like cleaning, repaving, and snow removing are all fees that often show up in your tax bill.

Community Resources

A smaller percentage of your tax money pays for many of the spaces and organizations that offer recreational opportunities and aid for the community. Locations like libraries, parks, and even the local health department are funded by your taxes. So are non-profit organizations like the Boys and Girls Club, the Barnabas Center and Micah’s Place.


The Nassau County School Board takes up the highest percentage of the annual property tax fund. $0.23 of each taxpayer dollar goes towards school taxes, for the over 50 school districts’ in the County. School Board costs include faculty and staff salaries, student programs, transportation, and infrastructure. Besides the usual schooling, student programs offer Nassau residents spaces to practice sports, partake in extracurriculars and receive special needs education. These programs alone take over 70% of the board’s budget.