Using Property Tax Reduction A Real Estate Marketing Tool

Blog July 22, 2016 By Admin

Property tax reduction is becoming an increasing powerful tool in rea estate marketing and deal making. Don’t be caught without this edge in your toolbox…


As the real estate market becomes more crowded with additional players again, and macro events like Brexit and the 2016 Presidential Election drive billions more into NY real estate investors and agents are having to expand the tools they use. Wielding property tax reduction techniques well can be one of the most valuable now, and looking ahead.


Reducing property tax bills can create more equity and cash flow in property deals. This is especially true in New York where property taxes are so outrageously high, and the tax system is notorious. Lower taxes can mean making deals work that couldn’t otherwise, as well as generating additional monthly cash flow, and increasing resale appeal.


Savvy investors and agents are not only using this fact and ability to get property taxes adjusted down to seal more contracts, but also as a marketing tool. If you’ve got two identical properties and one has a $5,000 annual tax bill and the other has a $10,000 tax bill which are you going to buy?


With housing and commercial property inventory on its way to getting far tighter and taxes heading up this is quickly becoming a pivotal make or break strategy. For some this could make for what real estate industry veteran speakers Sensei Gilliland and Sam Sadat call creating riches in niches.


However in order to make it work investors and Realtors need a professional partner with expertise in this area to accurately estimate what property taxes should be or can be reduced to, as well as who can handle the related workload, and will treat clients well.

Get in touch with Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. today and find your partner for making more deals happen today…