Top Property Tax Stories of the Year

Blog June 3, 2016 By Admin

It’s what the public doesn’t know about property taxes which really hurts them…


Property taxes are a serious issue that directly impact housing options, education, public services and quality of life. Yet, they can be a seriously quirky factor in the budget of individuals, local authorities, and states alike.


Here are some of the eye opening stories from the last 12 months.


  1. Long Beach to Increase Taxes by 6.2% in June 2016

Long Beach, LI just voted to increase taxes beginning this month. Fortunately that is down from what was expected to be an 8.2% increase.


  1. Double the Number of NY School Districts to Break Property Tax Cap in 2016

Twice as many NY districts plan to blaze through the ‘2% property tax cap’ this year than last year. Critics are also complaining that funding aid is being shifted to wealthy districts, not those that are in the most need.


  1. Property Tax Money Given to Voters to Back Candidates

A $1.4B increase in property taxes in this city gives registered voters each $100 to spend on candidates hoping to be elected.


  1. $400M Held Hostage by Tax Collection Agency

Apparently just because you pay your tax bill, and authorities hire agencies to collect and process payments, doesn’t mean they end up benefiting those they should! Read more on the NY Times…


  1. 3 Innovative Ways States Supplement Property Taxes

From dealing drugs, to selling alcohol, to rounding up debtors, and fining those that can’t afford healthcare here are the creative ways states are boosting their incomes…


  1. Nassau County Tax Receiver Wants You to Dispute Your Property Tax Bill

When tax authorities tell you to check your bill because there is a 50% chance they overcharged you – it’s worth listening!