The Best Way To Save Big This Holiday Shopping Season

Blog November 22, 2018 By Admin

Black Friday and Christmas both came early for Amazon and Jeff Bezos this year. Here’s how to truly find the best savings for yourself, even among the bizarre property tax environment we live in.

Of course, they’d love more of your money to add to their billions with ‘sales deals’ over the next few days and weeks. Yet, there is something perhaps far more important you can do to really save big in a meaningful way this year than to shop Amazon on Black Friday.

Amazon’s new HQ2 announcements have been highly controversial for New Yorkers. It appears we may be paying a lot more for Amazon to come to town than it will be bringing in value. To date it looks like Amazon will be given close to $2.5 billion to set up shop in Long Island City. That may not include all the property tax breaks it will get over the years and on additional properties.

If that’s not a big enough gift for Jeff Bezos and his corporate giant, you may have also noticed how high Amazon prices are getting. Try shopping for mobile phones or soccer gear for your kids on Amazon today. You might find them a lot higher than at other brand name stores. You’ll probably even find used iPhones there for more than the cost of a brand new one from the local Apple store.

Amazon may be a great thing for convenience, for creating jobs, and even helping developers fill empty units. However, it may not be a good thing for property taxes, and it’s not just Amazon.

Other companies and investors can get these big grants, incentives and tax breaks for building and developing and moving outside of Manhattan too.

If starting or moving a business is one of your goals for the new year – check out these programs and see if you can qualify for some yourself. If not, the odds are incredibly steeply stacked against your success. Companies like amazon essentially get paid to buy and lease local property and to hire people. They are paid by you and your property taxes. Even the playing field.

Whether starting a business or sticking it out with your current job, you can challenge and save money on your property tax bill. That’s real savings. Not some marked up ‘deal’ for a day. That’s real money you get to keep in your pocket – and you can go shopping for real deals with at anytime of the year you really need something.

If you don’t you are going to keep funding bizarre deals like Amazon and your property taxes will keep going up to cover the fact they aren’t paying any. Get in touch with Property Tax Adjusters to start saving today.