The Best Way To Protest Your Property Taxes

Blog August 2, 2015 By Admin

What’s the best way to protest your property taxes?


No one likes property taxes. That is unless they are receiving them. Beyond simple dislike, many feel that they are unethical. And once many property owners dig into the math they find that they are being overcharged by taxing authorities each year. While many individual property owners aren’t even aware that they can challenge and have their property taxes corrected and reduced if they’d just ask, taxing authorities say they expect a large number of tax grievances to come each year. So if you feel you are paying too much tax, what’s the best way to protest, and actually get some real help?


5 ways people protest taxes:


  1. Peaceful protest in the streets


Throughout the years, and around the globe the masses have often gathered to protest taxes and economic disparity. Few remember the Occupy protests, but we now still use their references to the “99%,” and the “1%” in every day conversations.


  1. Activism


From the original Boston Tea Party to tragic armed holdouts, and the recent Tea Party movement activists have found many ways to take action, physically and politically. Unfortunately none of these actions appear to have made any real difference for today’s property owners.


  1. Withholding Payment


Withholding tax payment is worse that futile. It is simply self-destructive. If it doesn’t end in jail in the case of federal income taxes, it will certainly mean seizure of real estate owned when it comes to property taxes. Not a very effective strategy for sticking it to the man.


  1. Paying with Funny Money


Forbes reveals a new trend in protesting property taxes is paying in awkward ways. Some have tried paying their property taxes at the last minute in dollar bills, and even thousands of pennies. One tax payer even got himself arrested after attempting to pay with tightly folded dollar bills. Getting a few YouTube hits, or a mention in the news for paying in outrageous ways might be fun. But going to jail, or spending hours visiting banks to collect pennies, and having to wheelbarrow it around may not really be that enjoyable. For most it is a waste of time, stress, money, and freedom.


  1. Get Pro Help


NY politicians acknowledge that 40% to 50% of property owners are eligible for reductions, and can get tangible help each year. It just takes having a professional property tax adjuster review your bill and file a grievance on your behalf. This is the sure way to beat paying too much tax, and saves, time money, stress, and a criminal record.

How will you protest your property taxes?