The Best 2013 Holiday Gift For Long Islanders…

Blog December 12, 2013 By Admin

What’s the best holiday gift to give and receive for Long Island homeowners this year?


The end of year holiday shopping, giving and festive season is always one of the most exciting times. This is perhaps even more special for those living in or able to visit New York. Of course for many this is also a very stressful time of year, especially when it comes to finding great gifts and the money to afford them. Even with the center of New York’s world famous shopping districts just minutes away for Long Island property owners and residents the hunt for a great gift can feel like being thrown into the midst of another Indiana Jones, Mission Impossible or Fast and the Furious sequel. Everyone is in search of something meaningful, lasting, and unique to give, and preferably which doesn’t break the bank.


The latter part of this may be even more pronounced this year as many are still recovering from recent years of crisis and tougher times. So what’s one of the best gift ideas for the 2013 holiday season?


For those bootstrapping this Christmas and desperately hoping they have more disposable income next year, and less bills this year perhaps the best gift they can give themselves is filing a tax grievance and getting their Long Island property tax bills reduced.


So many Nassau and Suffolk County residences are burdened with outrageously overblown property tax bills that thousands are being thrown away by families which could be used to keep the heat on, fund a bigger turkey or enable more charitable giving at this time of year.


In turn, turning those you love onto the fact that they may be able to get a sizable reduction in their property tax bills and where to get help in doing it could be the best gift you can give them. This could not only help them provide for their families better now, but ongoing year after year too. Happy Holidays!