Thanksgiving, Black Friday Sales & Your Property Taxes

Blog November 19, 2016 By Admin

We’re heading into a busy period with multiple holidays, sales shopping to be done, and new tax deadlines. How do we balance it all?


As New Yorkers there’s plenty to be thankful for. No matter how little we have, it’s more than most. As difficult as it is, we might even find a moment to be thankful for all the services that our property taxes pay for. They may not be perfect, but it is great to have schools, water, waste removal, and some form of emergency services and public utilities. Of course, that does not mean we need to settle for predatory tax systems which systematically overcharge us. However, the ability to simply own a home and invest in real estate is a privilege many will never have.


Then we roll into Black Friday and a long weekend of shopping deals, and then probably a whole season of sales. These sales and ads may have been put on the back burner due to the presidential election, but are now finally trickling through to our mailboxes and inboxes. It’s a great time to shop if you’ve been burdened with high taxes this year. It may even offer some extra tax breaks for business owners. With hopes of a more prosperous 2017 many may be tempted to splurge a little extra over the next few weeks. That shouldn’t be at the expense of neglecting taxes. However, those who have challenge and appealed their NY property tax bills could have a significant amount of additional disposable income to take to the shops or online stores this season.

There could be a variety of new tax breaks and relief coming next year, but we can’t take that for granted, or just sit back and allow our hard worked for dollars to be taken and used ineffectively. Make sure you still invest in great tax help this year. It’s available, and perhaps one of the best gifts we can give ourselves and recommend to those we care about too.