Blog July 24, 2023 By Admin

We wouldn’t think of using anyone other than Property Tax Adjusters to grieve our
taxes on Long Island. Since we have known both Elyse and Marsha, we’ve come to learn their expertise, professionalism, and extensive knowledge of how to reduce your taxes both in Nassau & Suffolk counties is above and beyond! We use their service for both our home and my mom’s home! I’ve even recommended my eye doctor to them because of their honesty & integrity. I wouldn’t do that if I didn’t know they would be in great hands with this company. They’ve been in business for over 31 years and they know their stuff. Their crew is top notch! Why try to do it yourself, when they know so much more on the subject? Leaving it as their job, you have better results, and you have nothing to lose, because there’s no fee unless they are successful in reducing your taxes. I can’t say enough about them, you’ll be so pleased when you open up your tax bill the next year.