Blog July 24, 2023 By Admin

In this difficult and increasingly poor economic climate time finding ways to actually reduce costs of any significant nature is a key to survival today.

Unquestionably the outrageously high Real Estate Tax burdens are top of the list on Long Island and surely in my family’s budget. Property Tax Adjusters have been a true life save. Elyse Sachs and Marsha Held are two savvy driven business woman who get real results in the courts.
They are on top of all comps in all neighborhoods, really do their homework and fight relentlessly for what is rightfully due the homeowner, who is the real victim.

The meticulous and timely preparation of all filing deadlines by Property Tax Adjusters is both consistent and admirable. Elyse and Marsha make you feel special as well as really care and share in victorious hearing outcomes.

I never have to remind or remember any deadlines as they have been handling my Real Estate pleas not only for years but for years successfully. The very personal services received from these two exceptional women is such a pleasant perk for me. Elyse and Marsha are real people, people who care about people like me.

I love my house, I love my town, I don’t love my HIGH Real Estate Taxes but I sure do love Property Tax Adjusters and with their hard work/proven track records that helps me manage my desire to remain in an area I want to be in and breathe a bit easier financially.

I would have probably moved out of my house by now frustrated by the unfair Real Estate Tax demands if not for the consistent, strong, successful results Elyse and Marsha provide.

Property Tax Adjusters are the ‘real deal’.. I have recommended them over and over to many who come back to thank me. These two ladies go above and beyond to do all they can to help and their long standing loyal clients are a testament to their hard work and fabulous results.