Bonnie and Paul

Blog July 24, 2023 By Admin

We have been using Property Tax Adjusters Limited for some time and must say how wonderful they are!! We have used other real estate tax attorneys in the past, which have put us in horrible tax situation so, we certainly know quality when we see it! I thank our lucky stars that we met Marsha Held and Elyse Sachs! They lead us down a road of persuading our real estate tax reduction outside of the box. Marsha and Elyse became my friends. Marsha invited me to her house, taught me the gritty details of real estate tax law to ensure that I knew exactly what was happening regarding my property. With their guidance, we pursued a tax grievance journey with the county, and won a major reduction. They put their heart and soul into their quest for my tax reduction and met with the Chairpersons of various Assessment Committees, Nassau County District Attorney, Judges, etc. to pursuit a just reduction. To this day, Marsha and Elyse are continually striving to find ways of reducing my tax burden. Without them, God knows what would have happened to my real estate taxes. As anyone can tell, we highly recommend their services!!