Dear John Doe

Please find included 1 retainer agreement(s), 2 form(s) of designation and an optional information sheet to be signed and completed by you so that we can review your property and determine whether to file a protest and if necessary, an appeal for the upcoming 2024-2025 School and General tax roll.

Kindly sign and complete these documents so that we may prepare your case for the upcoming filing year.

We will keep you apprised of the status of your pending proceeding.

Should you have any inquiries, please feel free to telephone our office.

Very truly yours,

Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd.
By: Marsha Held

94 Cherry Lane, Syosset, New York 11791
Tel. (516) 513-0466
Fax. (516) 935-5236

I hereby exclusively retain Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd., hereinafter referred to as “PTA” to appear on my behalf in any proceeding before the Nassau County Assessment Review Commission for an Application for Correction of Assessment for the 2024-2025 tentative tax roll published in January 2023 and/or an Appeal before the Small Claims Assessment Review of the Supreme Court pursuant to Section 524 of the NYS Real Property Tax Law to reduce my school and town taxes on the grounds of unequal or excessive assessment. If successful, I agree to pay a fee of Forty Percent (40%) of the tax savings upon decision (absent exemptions). Tax savings shall be defined as the reduction in actual assessment multiplied by the tax rates for the tax roll under protest.

I further authorize and direct that in the event a duplicate filing is done on my behalf by a second representative, it shall be withdrawn. A $30.00 court imposed filing fee may apply if an appeal is filed. PTA does not charge any fee or disbursement if there is no tax assessment reduction.

I further agree to notify PTA if I contract to sell my home or if there is any other change affecting title or occupancy and to pay such fee in the event I sell my home, unless I execute an assignment of this contract to the buyer of my home.

In the event I do not pay PTA within forty-five (45) days of receipt of decision and a proceeding is brought to enforce any portion of this Retainer Agreement, I agree to pay reasonable costs, interest in the amount of twelve percent (12%) per year and reasonable attorney fees.

Only (1) a person named in the records of the County Clerk as a homeowner; or (2) that homeowners authorized agent; or (3) a person who has contracted to buy a home; or (4) the estate of a deceased homeowner; is eligible to receive a tax assessment reduction and property tax refund. If you are not in any of these four categories, you will not be able to receive a property tax refund and you should not sign this agreement.

A homeowner is not required to use a tax assessment reduction service in order to file for and/or receive a tax assessment reduction. This agreement may be completely cancelled within three (3) days after execution.

PTA is required by law to make reasonable efforts to communicate the terms of any pre-hearing offer of settlement made by Nassau, other than a trial or hearing.

I/We John Doe as Petitioner(s), hereby designate the office of Property Tax Adjusters, Ltd. to act as my/our agent and representative in any and all proceedings before the Board of Assessment Review and/or Assessment Review Commission, the Small Claims Assessment Review of the Supreme Court, and any other proceeding pursuant to Article 7 of the Real Property Tax Laws of New York State for the purposes of reviewing the assessment of my/our real property as it appears on the 2024-2025 assessment roll of the County designated below, and to personally appear without the undersigned in support of said Petition.

The undersigned CERTIFIES that they are an aggrieved party within the meaning of the Real Property Tax Law and hereby authorizes the below representative to file with the Nassau County Assessment Review Commission/Small Claims Assessment Review of the Supreme Court in the state of New York.

Rep # NC40